Zhiyong Tang
Vice dean, vice professor, Doctor
Tang Zhiyong, vice dean, vice professor, doctor, master tutor of BUAA.

Learning experience: 
Bachelor's degree in Fluid Transmission and Control from BUAA in 1997. Doctor's degree in mechanical and electrical Engineering from BUAA in 2003 and he joined the control theory and applied postdoctoral mobile station of BUAA in the same year. In 2005, he became a teacher of BUAA. In 2007, he became a vice professor. From 2012 to 2013, He cooperated with Japan SMC Standing-wave Pneumatic Technology Center to do research.

Work achievements: 
took charge of 4 projects independently and participated in 18 research projects, including 6 state-supported projects such as national funds and key pre-research projects etc, 1 model engineering research project, 1 project of 211 project, and 10 horizontal projects of factories and mines. He has obtained 8 patents and published more than 60 papers. EI and ISTP have collected more than 40 among them.

Major research direction: 
(1) Electromechanical hydraulic servo control: It mainly conducts in-depth research on the aspects of pneumatic and hydraulic transmission components, precision turntable, stability platform, electro-hydraulic servo control, pneumatic air system, six free parallel platforms, and aircraft hydraulic servo system.
(2) Network control: focusing on the fieldbus, bus real-time and industrial Ethernet research.
(3) Intelligent robot system: Took in charge of and participated in the corresponding national natural Fund, discipline construction, horizontal cooperation and other projects, mainly carried out in-depth research on four-rotor miniature UAV, exoskeleton robot, master-detail abdominal endoscope surgery robot, robot vision closed-loop control and so on.